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01670 706985

Diesel Powered Van

NEW IN 2013 :



DPT AGRI is now available to tune Agricultural vehicles and help resolve EGR problems.

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Diesel Powered Van

Engineering :

Porsche Tuning

Diesel Powered Van

An example of the quality of tuning available via our dutch engineers...

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This needs Text

Improve MPG:

Reduce Costs

This is Story Picture

Auto Express magazine feature their trial of our DPT unit to boost MPG, with impressive results!

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Diesel Power Tuning Case Study

DPT on TV:

Quentin Willson

Diesel Power Tuning - Power, Economy & Performance

DPT recently had some television coverage of which was hosted by Quentin Willson on a program called price off our roads.

Click here to see the video

Upto 16% better Miles Per Gallon

Improve MPG:

Reduce CO2

Upto 16% better Miles Per Gallon

If you operate a number of vehicles, which may be anything from a few company cars through to a large mix of cars and light commercial vehicles make contact with us...

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For Direct Sales Enquiries please contact

TEL: 01670 706985 EMAIL: Click Here

We accept the following:

Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron, Delta, Switch